Why I write here

I like to think of myself as a pretty laid back sort of person but either age or infirmity has made me very intolerant of late particularly when it comes to dealing with administrators, customer service reps and the like.  My main frustration is Continue reading


Do computers devise banking policy?

Well customer services at HSBC certainly seem to think they do. Recently I’ve been lucky enough to be able to pay off tranches of my mortgages albeit not for the luckiest of reasons. So on Monday, having transferred several disparate pots of money into my HSBC savings account, I rang them to pay off another tranche. Continue reading

Dial 111 – what’s the point?

I went out for a lovely dinner last night only to realise when I was leaving the restaurant at 10pm that I had left my keys in the office. Unable to gain access until 8am the next morning, I had effectively locked myself out.  I knew I could find a bed to sleep in – thanks Nathalie, much appreciated – but I have to take various pills and potions at night and going without is generally an unpleasant experience.  So safely installed at Nat’s I rung NHS Direct

Continue reading