Why I write here

I like to think of myself as a pretty laid back sort of person but either age or infirmity has made me very intolerant of late particularly when it comes to dealing with administrators, customer service reps and the like.  My main frustration is the total reliance on pre-prepared scripts the only purpose of which seem to be to:

  • make the problem your fault
  • deny any personal or corporate responsibility and/or
  • get rid of you as fast as possible

and in order to achieve this, lying is seen as perfectly acceptable if not mandatory.

Now in the old days, I used to enjoy writing complaint letters/emails but all the pleasure’s gone out of that because you just get those d**ned pre-prepared answers in written form, so I’ve decided to enter the digital age and vent my frustrations.on-line.  If, I’m honest this blog is for personal pleasure and I’m not expecting a huge following but if you have randomly come across it … have fun.


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